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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?  There is no charge for law firms, corporations and governmental agencies, this is a vendor paid service. Vendors pay us a 10% fee for the cost of the project. This is the fee most vendors pay to their sales representatives as a sales commission. Vendors gladly pay us the 10% fee because we bring them new clients and projects.


Do you favor some vendors over others?  No. We are independent lawyers beholden to no vendors. Our sole interest is in doing the most effective and cost-efficient job finding the best E-Discovery vendor for their case. Our clients choose the vendors to participate in the RFP and make the final selection. Our role is to provide a database of all vendors, an online RFP Service and assist our clients with the process.


Who chooses the vendor for my case?  You do. We assist by helping you prepare and process a comprehensive E-Discovery RFP to vendors you choose. With the RFP, you receive detailed comprehensive independent “Due Diligence Report” (DDR) to compare the vendors based on experience, quality, price and other factors. The ultimate choice of the vendor is your.


What is a short description of what you do?  We help our clients find the best E-Discovery Vendor for their case. We are like by helping match a case with the right vendor.


What is a detailed description of what you do?  We have a database our clients use to select vendors they want to respond to the RFP. We have standard questions clients can use in the RFP. Clients can add other questions to the RFP relating to their case. The RFP is sent to the vendors chosen by the client. The name of the law firm, corporation, client and case are not disclosed. Once the vendors respond to the RFP, we send detailed comprehensive independent “Due Diligence Report” (DDR) to our client so that they can choose the best vendor for their case.


What is in your vendor database?  Vendors contact information and services they provide. Also, our database includes other detailed information about the vendors. When vendors provide information to us they indicate whether the information is public of not. Vendors can specify information that we can make available to all our clients. However, if a vendor asks us to only provide information to a client with a specific project, we will not disclose it.

Who are your clients?  Law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.


What qualification does your company have?  LTG has experienced litigators who understand the needs of today’s trial lawyers and their support staff, as well as technical experts to evaluate features and capabilities of E-Discovery Vendors.


How do I decide what questions to ask in the RFP?  We have template of important questions to ask in E-Discovery cases. We also help our client access their needs and the requirements of each case. LTG then matches the requirements of the case against the database of information LTG maintains about E-Discovery vendors.


What happens after we choose the Vendor in the RFP?  We introduce the client to the Vendor.

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