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Trial Presentation
Electronic Discovery can become such an extensive and elaborate process that lawyers can easily forget why they engage in it. Now that they have marshaled all this electronic evidence for trial, what are they going to do with it?

If you are a vendor of products or services that are used in the e-discovery workflow, you may not be fully maximizing attorneys' awareness of the nexus of what you do with what they do in the courtroom -- or could do better.

As lawyer technologists, we connect the dots between what happens in e-discovery and how that can be leveraged for use at trial. As consultants and experts, we can help your customers devise strategies and make use of technologies to maximize the value of computer-generated information unique to digital evidence.

For example, we can assist them in the auto-generated creation of graphic and summary evidence for use as exhibits, using a variety of software products in combination. We have been especially effective at reconstructing computer and Internet user activity from hard drives and user logs; deleted files; Internet histories and cache files; and other “hidden” data retrievable through special software, in order to present such reconstructions at trial in graphic images, charts and videos.

As trial lawyers ourselves with over 20 years experience each, we know the value of "telling your story" to the jury in engaging, audiovisual ways. We can help you and your attorney customers storyboard their cases to get the greatest effects from 2D and 3D graphics software, for both static illustrations and dramatic animations that will meet evidentiary requirements under court rules and case law.

While we do not serve as "hot seat" technicians at court to operate trial presentation software such as Trial Director, Sanction, CaseMap and TimeMap, Real Legal Binder, Live Note and Ovation (PowerPoint add-in), we do work with vendors of this type of software to make sure your customers' presentations will work flawlessly in the courtroom.

If you are a vendor of courtroom presentation products or services, let us know more about you. If you meet the quality criteria we expect from e-discovery vendors, we will be sure to include you in our Online RFP(tm) process and our book, "Electronic Discovery Technologies, Practical Tips and Tools for Electronically Stored Evidence," launch date May '07, which will consist of loose-leaf binders so that subscribers will be constantly updated with new or revised information.
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