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Vendor Evaluation Service
We provide a comprehensive Electronic Discovery Vendor Evaluation Service to help vendors improve their products, services, technologies and marketing strategies. Tom Howe and Larry Johnson work in tandem to conduct a thorough, comprehensive, confidential, on-site evaluation of your company's technologies, IT department, software team, projects, and sales and marketing stategies.

We offer two options in this program, either a 3-day, or a more comprehensive 5-day on-site evaluation. Both programs involve a first stage of our reading and analysis of your answers to our online questionnaires, directed at key personnel in your organization. Then we visit your prime facility to undertake visual inspections and conduct personal interviews with key employees. At the end of our review, we present you with summarizes of our findings, analyses and recommendations. In the 5-day program, this presentation is followed up by a lengthy, comprehensive report.

This service is for vendors that want to lead the e-discovery industry with quality products and services to increase their profitability and competitiveness in a crowded marketplace. As lawyers who can fully understand and appreciate your technologies, we can also help you gain greater credibility and visibility so you can sell better to our "fellow members of the tribe."

Electronic Discovery Vendor Evaluation Service has also been successful in helping vendors do better due diligence before deciding to partner with, merge or acquire another vendor. We were instrumental in saving a major e-discovery company from making a highly risky decision to partner with an Internet Services Provider who was discovered, thanks to our on-site inspection, to have numerous serious security gaps regarding its building and servers, and to literally rely on duct tape to keep its network going.  We spared the e-discovery company a disaster that was just waiting to happen.

For further information and pricing, please give us a call at (503) 200-2936.
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